May 1 test



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6 Responses to May 1 test

  1. Yes .. you have it wired and ready to light the path to interesting art … Kudos. Brush On!

  2. stanfellows says:

    Bingo! Thanks much.

  3. pamelaluer says:

    Great image, I am unable to use the comment tab. The page link is not set up. Beautiful painting.


  4. stanfellows says:

    Thanks. Working at figuring this out.

  5. Julie Mays says:

    love this painting, is it for sale? My husband and I met you at Quartz Mountain last fall and bought one of your pieces then (Cholula).

  6. stanfellows says:

    Hi Julie!
    Sorry for the slow reply – I’m still learning WordPress and only now saw your comment.

    I’m in the process of putting all the parts in place to offer images as prints and when that’s ready (guessing two weeks) I’ll have a link on blog that goes to the online store.

    :o) stan

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