160502_0934 Cleaning the bathroom.

A cold Saturday of rain and snow made for a perfect day to savor being inside, and I took on the job of thoroughly cleaning the bathroom. 

Settling into the task it became enjoyable – nowhere else to be, and in no rush, I was fully present with the process one square foot at a time. Keeping me company was a radio broadcast of a baseball game. I didn’t really listen to the game but the cadence is soothing. 

A delightful day constructed out of nothing but a good attitude and being present.

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2 Responses to 160502_0934 Cleaning the bathroom.

  1. Cleaning is my favorite form of procrastination. It needs to be done anyway, so why not turn it into a meditation.
    Really nice watercolor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on the launch, and good luck with the blog, Stan! Fictional Boston detective, Spenser, claims that radio is the perfect medium for baseball, in a way that it could never be for football or basketball.

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