Back in the saddle.

Once upon a time I thought I couldn’t paint birds, but then one day someone told me they thought my birds were beautiful. That’s all it took, and I began painting them all the time with confidence.

Same thing with horses, which I always found impossible until one day I accidentally got one right, and after that told myself I COULD paint horses, and with that more positive outlook found it easier to improve. They still are not easy for me but I’m getting there. Then last year a book publisher asked if I could do an entire book of horses… and I took a breath and said sure.

Seems that if I tell myself I CAN do something the failures are shrugged off as anomalous rather than the rule, and that encourages a positive approach to the next attempt.



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1 Response to Back in the saddle.

  1. rosjenke says:

    I love your birds and horses. It’s hard to think you ever had trouble with them.

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