Jack Unruh. RIP.

May 16. It’s 20:54 and I just learned of the passing of one of the most influential illustrators of our time, Jack Unruh. I was fortunate to have spent a little time with Jack for a week twenty years ago, and those few happy memories affect me to this day.

This news came as I was packing to embark on a trip tomorrow that in my mind feels like the start of my new life, and Jack’s life and career were largely responsible for this fresh  vision of where I want to go, who I want to be.

I can only hope I bring inspiration, kindness, encouragement, to a small fraction of the people whose lives were touched by Jack.




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1 Response to Jack Unruh. RIP.

  1. Well said, Stan. Most sad to hear of Jack’s passing. I never met Jack Unruh, but who has not seen his iconic images over the years? Sad indeed. This sort of event is become vastly more frequent than I care for… Success and Safety on your ‘new venture’. You recent offerings are quite promising. Kudos! – AOF

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