Unafraid Of Dull

The most important aspect of regular journaling is to make it a daily practice, a thing you do all the time that puts a pause in the day and gives you a chance to be present, reflect, make observations. Of course this means some (many) entries will be dull, but by sticking with it you will discover there will be many more days where this time of quiet allows you to notice good things. The attached entry doesn’t seem like much, but reading it here a few days later I’m struck by the middle part about rattling around with D and what a big part of my life that has been, and how I’ll miss days like this when they are gone, which reminds me to pay attention to them now.


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1 Response to Unafraid Of Dull

  1. hopewellsprings says:

    Reminds me that, as artists, we’re really only looking to be like most people…only more so.

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