My neighborhood south of Denver, which I refer to as the ghettoburbs, is pretty thoroughly paved over, so my mission today was to find some little blob of nature and spend a few minutes absorbed in that.

My hand is pointing to a wall where I saw some scruffy bushes (not evident in the photo) against a wall and I parked there.

Beginning with a blind drawing in the upper left corner of the page I took some time to simply be still, letting go of all thoughts except to be aware of being right here, right now. The next drawing was done with care – it’s inaccurate, but that doesn’t matter, the objective being to really slow down and notice my subject. What became more interesting than the twig as I sat there was a nest about six feet up that could accommodate a volleyball. Raccoons? No idea. But whatever built that nest found sources of food and water nearby. A resourceful creature.

Slow down, be still, be curious. There’s always something to discover.


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