Be Kind

Ruminating on this difficult chapter that just drags on and on I compared it to being seasick – knowing the boat will be back in the marina at 3:00 and that by morning you’ll feel fine brings no comfort at 11:00. Some day, and please may that day come soon, I’ll see this chapter for what it was – a chapter. The daily pain will fade, the valuable lessons will be appreciated, and a chance to live life can be implemented. 

Meanwhile another day of faking it awaits. 
We all have friends who we know are in similar situations, having to slug it out daily with no end in sight. The issues might be financial, medical, emotional, a relationship crisis – doesn’t matter – the effect is the same. And this part is important: we all also have friends whose struggle is hidden. 
Today I’ll try to be kind and encouraging, without judging if a recipient needs that or not. It’ll be good for me.

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