Well, It’s An Idea..

Problem: Eating lunch in the truck just now dropped a cracker with a sardine on it between the seats. Solution: Will draw a sardine on a piece of tag board and hang it from the mirror. Guests will assume the smell is from the “air freshener”. 
Every once in awhile being able to draw has a practical application.

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My neighborhood south of Denver, which I refer to as the ghettoburbs, is pretty thoroughly paved over, so my mission today was to find some little blob of nature and spend a few minutes absorbed in that.

My hand is pointing to a wall where I saw some scruffy bushes (not evident in the photo) against a wall and I parked there.

Beginning with a blind drawing in the upper left corner of the page I took some time to simply be still, letting go of all thoughts except to be aware of being right here, right now. The next drawing was done with care – it’s inaccurate, but that doesn’t matter, the objective being to really slow down and notice my subject. What became more interesting than the twig as I sat there was a nest about six feet up that could accommodate a volleyball. Raccoons? No idea. But whatever built that nest found sources of food and water nearby. A resourceful creature.

Slow down, be still, be curious. There’s always something to discover.


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Shooting For “Meh”.

A dumb little day of doing work I dislike intensely, and if done well will not advance my situation one bit. So the goal is to get this day from a 2 all the way up to 4. Be present. Be grateful. And as a break will go out for lunch and look for one person to compliment.
This is the reality of life for most of us on most days – generally life ain’t sexy, and sometimes a worthy and realistic goal is to be able to say the day was, meh, okay.

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Feeling very lonely the other night I went out with the objective of paying someone a compliment. With this in mind I quit dwelling on myself as I looked for a possible target, eventually telling someone  I liked her shirt. Who knows, maybe she too was feeling invisible and my remark was helpful. In any case it was helpful to me.

In my morning session today wrote a reminder to continue giving.

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It has been a long gap from the last post to this one, primarily due to my not feeling I had anything profound to say. I still don’t. So this study of a skater is for me; a way to break the ice, so to speak, and get back to posting.img_2519





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Don’t Wait

It’s a common thing for us to think “I’ll be happy when_______.”, that blank filled in by whatever it is we think will change things; retirement, wealth, a relationship, the end of some struggle. Similarly I hear a lot of people remark on wanting to start a journal on a vacation, and my advice is don’t wait. Making it a daily practice to journal gives us daily moments of quiet, awareness, stillness, and that’s reason enough. In addition, by practicing daily in unremarkable circumstances, we get over the instinct to judge whether or not something deserves entry into our book. Better to get in the habit of simply observing whatever is in front of us, and by so doing let beauty have a chance to surprise us.


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Back In The Truck

After two plus weeks on the road teaching shops I’m back in the truck at my usual spot. My tree changed color.


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