Workshop Explained

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Follow Me

I’m shifting my attention to a new platform and will be primarily posting on Patreon. An important benefit of Patreon is getting financial support through modest subscriptions of a few bucks a month – a huge help as I transition into running workshops.

Work for sale can still be found on Etsy,, which I’ve found to be a terrific platform. (On the full site here there’s a link to Etsy to the right, but on a phone it doesn’t appear – you have to zip down to the bottom and click “view full site”.)

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Field Journal Shop Explained 

Whew! All day rewriting script, (harder than one might think, the typical challenge being to have three words be more clear than seven words, so they gotta be just the right words), followed by seven takes in front of the camera. The first six failures all terminate with a bad word spoken with emphasis. Anyway, it ain’t perfect but it’s adequate.

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Alrighty then – I’ve written the “If you build it, I will come.” notes explaining how to get a workshop launched near you. (It ain’t hard – you just need to know these few things.) Also reshooting the video pitch from yesterday, which was close but missed one critical sentence.

So in answer to questions about when and where workshops will be held, this opens the door to your setting one up.

PM me and I’ll send you the info.

Meanwhile I’ll continue my search for corporate sponsors.

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Postcards, 1 of 3

These 8×10 journal pages will be folded in half with the painting side out and mailed as postcards. It’s a dicey thing sending original watercolors through the mail, risking rain and greasy fingers, maybe being bent, but that’ll be part of the story of these pages. 

On to the next. 

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Final journal entry today. If my life was an Indiana Jones movie we’d be near the end, with a situation which seems hopeless – absolutely no way out, the hero doomed.. but just this morning we read about the next film being made with the same cast, so we KNOW somehow he’ll make it out of this jam. 
I’ve been called a determined mofo, resilient, capable of surviving one defeat after another and still able to come back and try again, and there’s some truth to that, but when my back is really up against the wall.. I remember to be quiet. Be still. Quit trying so hard and quit thinking. Shhhhhhhh… And then I can hear the whisper of what needs to be done. 
We shall see.

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Drawing FAST

Taking the E line light rail to meet my old friend, James, for lunch I was restricted to drawing only when the train stopped due to the bumpy ride. (The ride feels smooth.. until you try to draw.)

So I’d study a face carefully while underway and the moment the train stopped draw a quick few lines to capture the essence of the person. Shading done later. 

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