Good Demo Vid

Here’s a fun video that gives a very good sense of what’s taught in the workshops:

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Watercolor Journaling  — the poster 

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Follow Me

I’m shifting my attention to a new platform and will be primarily posting on Patreon. An important benefit of Patreon is getting financial support through modest subscriptions of a few bucks a month – a huge help as I transition into running workshops.

Work for sale can still be found on Etsy,, which I’ve found to be a terrific platform. (On the full site here there’s a link to Etsy to the right, but on a phone it doesn’t appear – you have to zip down to the bottom and click “view full site”.

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Drawing FAST

Taking the E line light rail to meet my old friend, James, for lunch I was restricted to drawing only when the train stopped due to the bumpy ride. (The ride feels smooth.. until you try to draw.)

So I’d study a face carefully while underway and the moment the train stopped draw a quick few lines to capture the essence of the person. Shading done later. 

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Needed to take a pause before the rest of the evening I took a few minutes to get things off my chest, then did a slow and careful blind drawing of an old Wagoneer. 

A couple tricks: The lettering in upper right got smeared so I covered with black gesso and wrote the two central words with white gel pen – that took care of the mistake and added some graphic interest.  The car drawing was a mess of course but I made as few corrections as possible – just enough for it to read as a car. Lettering done with a dip pen. 

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Bruce And Dino

At my 6:30 (!!!) men’s group at church this morning I made drawings of Bruce and Dino without looking at the paper, which results in drawing that bears no likeness to the subject. It’s an enjoyable style for me and doesn’t bring attention to the fact I’m drawing – it just looks like I’m enthralled by what they have to say. A win/win. 

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